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My name is Patrick GIMENEZ, I am a movie producer that have been involved in the international movie industry. I learned of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products from a friend. My daughter has an extremely rare blood disorder for which there is no cure. She was tired all the time, mentally fuzzy, and was having infusions every other week to help maintain her hemoglobin level and avoid blood transfusions as much as possible. I took her to PORTERVILLE CALIFORNIA and the medical staff of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical gave her the products that in one day made a world of difference. She went from not having the energy to walk to the end of our street to walking up to the HOLLYWOOD sign (the long way, one hour and forty-five minutes) within two days of treatment!

Almost three years later she is an energetic twenty years old that is involved in college, is part of a sorority and takes karate classes.

My wife has also taken Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products and have noticed a big difference in her energy and clarity of mind.


Sylvia J. HARRAL

My name is Sylvia HARRAL, I have been taking Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products off and on for about three years now. On November 22, 2015, I was involved in a horrendous car accident and was airlifted to the FRESNO CALIFORNIA trauma center. My injuries included an epidural bleed, a dissected carotid artery, five broken areas of my lower jaw and one in my upper jaw, torn ligaments of the C1 and C2 vertebrae, a fracture of my C7 vertebrae, eight broken rids and a punctured and a collapsed left lung, a severely broken right wrist and left ankle, a minor break of the right tibia. During the thirteen hours in the emergency room, I flat lined for three minutes and was given Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). I was intubated and the respirator breathed for me for a few days until I gradually began to breathe on my own. Within a week, I was stabilized enough to spent two days in surgery for jaw and broken bone repair. One week later, I moved out of Intensive Care Unit (ICU). After one week of further recovery, I moved to rehab for two weeks and was discharged. The hospital in FRESNO medical staff continually commented on my rapid improvement. I am so grateful for the thousands of prayers that went up on my behalf and for the overall health benefits from Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products. I saw the effects first hand when my blood pressure moved away from flat-line forty up to fifty-five within five minutes after taking Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products. My blood oxygen level also climbed from ninety to ninety-nine within minutes of taking the Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products. Minimal blood loss was demonstrated in the lung drainage and suction tubes. When we understand our body's natural functions and how the Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products supports those functions, we get a glimpse of the miraculous potential for us individually and as a Nation.


Victor AYALA

My son Victor AYALA was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of eight years old and received surgeries plus chemo and radiation therapy. The  surgeries with chemo and radiation therapy left him weak and unable to live a normal life, he couldn't sleep and had seizures. The doctors said to me that he had an infection and tumor still in his brain which was of grave concern and gave no hope for my son to survive (the doctors  said no patient survives more than eleven months with a brain tumor).  When Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical medical staff under the supervision of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical doctor came to my home and began to treat my son with Golden  Sunrise Nutraceutical products, my son slowly, progressively improved  and after one year of treatment, returned to school and graduated. My son has been taking Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products since 2008  for the past seven years his health has improved greatly and now lives a  normal life as well as he did before his medical diagnosis. 

Tyler and Gerrit de JONG

Tyler and Gerrit de JONG

Tyler and Gerrit de JONG

I have two children that both have medical problems. One son has problems with terrible colds that gives him bronchitis to the point that he has to take antibiotics and uses an inhaler and the second son has problems from when he was a football player and had multiple head injuries/concussions that has affected him physically, and shows the symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Both sons have taken Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products under the direction with Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical doctor and both have shown remarkable results. The first son has noticed that when he gets a cold he can fight it off without the use of antibiotics or an inhaler. The second son has energy again, he can work and can think once again without headaches or blackouts anymore.

Tyler de JONG

Tyler and Gerrit de JONG

Tyler and Gerrit de JONG


Gerrit de JONG

Tyler and Gerrit de JONG

Gerrit de JONG



My name is Deanna STIEB, I am fifty-two years old and been having health problems for three years. I had been having many normal health problems that women my age begin to experience, having a lack of energy, trouble focusing, anxiety, headaches/migraines, heart palpitations, painful periods, mood swing, weight gain, sweating, hot flashes etc.... I  couldn't find any treatments available from the medical community that could help any of these conditions. I heard of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical and went in December 2015. Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical doctor began treating me with Golden  Sunrise Nutraceutical herbal products. These products have helped me greatly. Ninety percent of my health issues have disappeared. I really feel ten years younger.