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About Us

Affordable Car Act

Welcome to Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical!

Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical Incorporation was founded in 2016. After thirty (30) extensive years of Research and Development of micronutrients and nutraceuticals, Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical has successfully developed alternative herbal (botanical) products creating gene rejuvenation and promote overall-health to the patient. Preventing disease and creating overall well-being prolongs our life expectancy.  The priority of Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical is to increase a healthy and productive life for those suffering from Chronic, Serious or Life-threatening diseases or conditions;

Alcohol, Drug & Nicotine addictions - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Alzheimer's Disease - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Autoimmune Disorders - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Cancer - CANCER Plan of Care

Chronic Constipation - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Debilitating Chronic Pain - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Depressive Disorder - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Diabetes - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Epilepsy - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Fibromyalgia - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Fragile-X Syndrome - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Hemostasis (less blood to be lost) - PRIMARY Plan of Care

Hypertension - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Lyme Disease - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Menopause - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Neuropathy - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Obesity - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Osteoporosis - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Peripheral - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Prostate - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Parkinson's Disease - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Schizophrenia - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Stroke - METABOLIC P Plan of Care

Thalassemia - METABOLIC Plan of Care

Viral Illnesses - EMERGENCY D-Virus Plan of Care

Weight Loss - METABOLIC Plan of Care

This soft approach has led to the development of effective Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical herbal (botanical) products that have helped give a safe and effective use for many patients while efficiently improving the condition without harmful "side-effects" leading to a healthier patient.

Our treatments have been successful in curbing urges due to Alcohol, Drug and Nicotine additions.

Our Plans of Care are intended to treat, modify, reverse, or cure a Serious or Life-threatening disease or condition; and real-world evidence indicates that the Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical treatments have potential to address unmet medical needs for such disease or condition.

Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products and treatments improve Telomeres for cellular rejuvenation which increases overall-health to the body and can increase human longevity.


Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical continues its research of micronutrients and nutraceuticals to further develop other herbal (botanical) products to try and help individuals with other incurable diseases.

All Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical products are in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.  All necessary documentation on each of the products was submitted to the FDA.  Per FDA regulations, dietary supplements are not listed with traditional pharmaceutical products.

All Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical herbal products, have been reviewed and accepted by the FDA


ImunStem ®  product has been reviewed by the FDA and has received a Pre-IND on February 22, 2010, NDA, and NDC on July 02, 2018.

Cancer is Primary a Metabolic Disease

Malfunctioning cells must be the focus of attention.  there is only one (1) disease in this model: a malfunctioning cell.  Cells malfunction for two (2) reasons: toxins and malnutrition.  By not addressing nutrition and toxicity of cells in the body, individuals will experience damage on the cellular level that result in all of the chronic diseases, degenerative disorders, etc., which we are beleaguered with today.

There are many ways to make our bodies deficient and filled with toxins.  Toxins are ubiquitous in our environment: pollution of water supplies with addition of bactericides in city water, air pollution from automotive and industrial entities, cosmetics, creams, conditioners, shampoos, hair dyes, make up, pharmaceutical prescription drugs, pesticides in food products, etc.  Poor nutrition occurs from starvation or processed foods that lack basic nutrients and contain toxins.  Stress and inactivity complicate the picture as well.  All the factors that contribute to the problems of a weakened body are staggering.  For example, an over-taxed immune system results in body-wide "inflammation", which perhaps is the best way to described decreased circulation, accumulation of metabolic waste such as radicals, aid-base imbalance, localized oxygen deprivation, impaired energy production by the cells, and the list goes on.  These all lead to unhealthy tissues, i.e. leaky gut problems, malabsorption, autoimmune reactions, cancer, etc.  Dr. Otto Heinrich WARBURG, Nobel prizes & Laureate, 1931, established that cancer cells derive their energy by fermentation chemical reactions and thrive in low oxygen environment (as opposed to healthy cells which require oxygen for their energy).  The corollary of this is the demand for glucose by cancer cells.

Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical dietary supplements have established their safety and efficacy in helping to reverse, modify, or heal Serious or Life-threatening conditions.  They cause release of toxins out of the cells and at the same time the herbs supply the essential nutrients which the cells have been starving for.  These nutrients serve as building blocks allowing the cells to repair and rejuvenate themselves and return the cells to perform the functions they were intended to perform.

Preventive Healthcare

Affordable Care Act - Putting Americans In Control of Their Health Care

Title IV. Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health

If we want to truly reform health care to benefit American families, we need to transition from a system focused primarily on treating the sick to one that helps keep people well throughout their live.

The Act will promote prevention, wellness, and the public health and provides an unprecedented funding commitment to these areas.  It directs the creation of a national prevention and health promotion strategy that incorporates the most effective and achievable methods to improve the health status of Americans and reduce the incidence of preventable illness and disability in the United States.

The Act relies on the innovation of small businesses and state and local governments to find the best ways to improve wellness in the workplace and in our communities.  And it strengthens America's capacity to respond to public health emergencies.

The Act empowers families by giving them tools to find the best science-based nutrition information, and it makes prevention and screenings a priority by waiving co-payments for America's senior on Medicare.

By attacking disease before it hits, the Act helps to improve health, save lives, and avoid more costly complications down the road.



Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical are now being recommended and prescribed by the following physicians:

Stephen R. MEIS, Medical Director, M.D., Board Certified

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Dr. M. GEORGE, M.D. Internal Medicine

Birmingham Royal Oak Medical Group

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Sonja I. FONTANA, F.N.P.

Oakview Medical Group

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Jonathan M. RICHEY, D.D.S.

Sequoia Valley Dental Group

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Fatima C. MAGINA, M.D.

Primaria Medical Clinic

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Kimberly KITTINGER, M.S.P.T., Physical Therapist

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Richard N. ASHDEN, D.C., Ed.D., C.M.E.

688 West Olive Avenue, PORTERVILLE, CA 93257  *  U.S.A.

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Phone No.: 310.808.5343

Professor Dr. Albert M. HUTAPEA, Ph.D., MPH, AIFM, AIFO

Universitas Advent Indonesia

JI. Kolonel Masturi 288, PARONGPONG, BANDUNG 40559 * INDONESIA

Phone No.: +62.812.1452.9438

Fabian CONTRERAS, M.D., Medicina Alternativa


Phone No.: 665.131.2321

Edgar A. AYALA, Clinical R.N. Director

Quality Control Management, Supervisor of Patient Care and Evaluation, Analyst of Research Data and Director for Disease Management,